Reboot and Reload

After a terrific few years at SAPIEN Technologies, I’m back on my own. This site will be my new home. I’ve revamped the title, but I think it more accurately describes my subject matter. Even though I write extensively about scripting and PowerShell, which I’ll continue to do, the topic is really a means to an end. I strongly believe that scripting and automation technologies are essential keys to success for Windows administrators with too much work on their plates and not nearly enough time or resources.

I hope to use this blog as a foundation for sharing tips, scripts, solutions, advice and anything else I can do to make your job easier. This will also be the place I’ll announce new books, writing projects, training classes and anything else I’m up to professionally that I think you might like so I hope you’ll subscribe.  By the way, the SAPIEN Technologies blog is still active and I hope you stay subscribed as it is the best way to keep on top of new offerings.

In the mean time I hope you’ll stay subscribed to this blog, follow me on Twitter and let me know what would make your life easier. Please feel free to post comments here or email me directly [email protected]


My Out-Twitter function is available at If you want, you can follow me @JeffHicks

I’m sure you can come with an enhancement or two, and if so, I’d love to hear about them.

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I’m All a Twitter

I’d have to be living in a bubble in Antarctica to not be aware of Web 2.0 and all the related platforms. I’ve resisted most of them, telling myself I’m either too “old” or that they don’t add value to my professional life. But after hearing John Dvorak poo-poo Twitter for the longest time, only to take the plunge, I figured I could give it a try as well.

Nobody cares what I just had for breakfast, at least I hope not, otherwise you need to get out more. But I thought I might be able to use it as a micro-blog, which is essentially Twitter’s core functionality. I’ve been trying to Twitter about things I’m working on or interesting links, stories, or other Internet flotsam that you might be interested in. Right now, a lot of that is PowerShell. Anyway, if you’d like to take part in the great Twitter experiment, you can find me at

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