A PowerShell Module for your Type Extensions

If you’ve been following this blog recently, you’ve read about my fun with PowerShell type extensions. This technique lets you make PowerShell give you the information you want without a lot of work on your part. Well, there is some work but you only have to do it once. To make it even easier, I have been working on a module to simplify this even further. The module is still in beta so I’m hoping some of you will kick it around before I publish it to the PowerShell Gallery.

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Extending PowerShell with Custom Property Sets

If you’ve been following along on the blog recently you’ve read about my use of PowerShell type extensions. This is a way of adding new properties to things I use all the time. The goal is to save typing and get what I need with minimal effort. You can also take this a step further by creating your own property sets.

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Extending Hyper-V with PowerShell

Lately I’ve been writing about my use of PowerShell type extensions as a way to get more done quickly. Or at least give me the information I want with minimal effort. I use Hyper-V a great deal and the Hyper-V cmdlets are invaluable. And while a command like Get-VM provides a lot of information, I always seem to want more so I thought I’d share with you my Hyper-V related type extensions. Even if you don’t need or use Hyper-V, you might find my techniques useful.

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Adding Efficiency with PowerShell Type Extensions

The other day I posted an article about custom properties which wrapped up with a look at Update-TypeData. The goal is not so much to make your scripts or modules easier to use, but rather to increase efficiency at the command prompt. When running commands interactively I want to get the information I need as easily as possible. In my PowerShell profile scripts I have code that defines a number of type extensions to make my life easier. I thought I’d share some of them with you.

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PowerShell Deep Dive Formatting and Extensions

I just found out I will be presenting at the PowerShell Deep Dive April 18-19 that is part of TEC 2011. This promises to be THE PowerShell event everyone has been waiting for. I’ll be presenting on format and type extensions.

Mastering Format and Type Extensions

Windows PowerShell is designed with administrators in mind. The goal is to present the most useful information to you with the least amount of effort. But sometimes you need something out of the box. Do you have a preferred way to view process objects that requires scripting every time? Does your script create a custom object that you would like formatted in a specific manner? This session will explain PowerShell’s formatting system and how to master it with your own formatting and type extension files, including how to incorporate these files into your scripts and modules

I’m excited about this conference and home to see many of you there. Seats are limited so make your plans sooner rather than later. Here’s the place to start.