PowerShell Messagebox

Recently I posted an article explaining how to create a popup box in PowerShell using the Wscript.Shell COM object from our VBScript days. That was something I presented at the PowerShell Summit. Another option is a MessageBox, again like we used to use in VBScript. This works very much like the … Continue reading

Friday Fun – Snappy Shortcuts

In one of my recent Prof. PowerShell columns, I wrote about using the Wscript.Shell VBScript object in PowerShell to retrieve special folder paths. Another handy trick is the ability to create shortcut links to either file or web resources. Let me show you how to accomplish this in PowerShell and … Continue reading

This Old Script

I’m very slowly revising my main web site. The upshot for now is that there is no direct link to my old script library. Many of my Mr. Roboto tools can be found on this page. Until I can finish the upgrade project, you can use this link, http://www.jdhitsolutions.com/scripts.htm to take you … Continue reading

TechEd 2010 VBScript to PowerShell

Last week I posted my demo slides as well as my demo videos. As promised, I've gone through and expanded a bit on my original slide deck.  TechEdNA-2010-Hicks-ParadigmShift is a 3MB PDF of my expanded PowerPoint slide deck. If you have any questions about the content or what it takes to get your … Continue reading

Microsoft TechEd NOLA

I’m very excited about Microsoft TechEd next week in New Orleans, LA. I’ll be presenting Tuesday afternoon at 1:30PM. The official title is “Paradigm Shift: Microsoft Visual Basic Scripting Edition to Windows PowerShell”. In more practical terms, I’ll be talking about the necessary mind … Continue reading