Conference Samples Available

The demos, updated slide decks and other stuff for the Fall Techmentor conference, as well as the 2 day PowerShell pre-conference event before WinConnections last week, are now available for download at

I think I spent half of November in Las Vegas (not that its a bad thing).  Thanks to all of you who attended sessions, bought books and offered kind words of support. It’s nice to know someone is actually reading stuff I write and gets something useful out of it.

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PowerShell Mini-Conference

If you’ve got some free time in early November and want to get up to speed on PowerShell in the least amount of time, then come to Las Vegas. Don Jones (PoweShell MVP) and I will be running a 2 day PowerShell mini-conference. This will be an intense 2 days of hands-on PowerShell training. Bring your own laptop and charged batteries and:

Learn how to use the shell interactively (that’s right, no scripting required) to perform key Windows administrative tasks. You’ll learn all about PowerShell’s object-oriented pipeline, and learn how to manage services, run processes, and more. You’ll also learn how PowerShell interfaces with Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) and Active Directory Services Interface (ADSI) to extend your management reach to remote machines and into the directory. You’ll learn all of the key PowerShell commands—called cmdlets—that enable core Windows administration tasks. You’ll also learn to produce management and auditing reports using PowerShell’s built-in filtering, grouping, sorting, exporting, and formatting capabilities. You’ll even get a peek at PowerShell’s built-in scripting language and capabilities, and learn all the tips and tricks for using PowerShell that you’ll need to work faster and more efficiently.

And that’s just Day 1! The sessions run 11/4 and 11/5. If you are already planning on attending WinConnections, this would make an excellent addition to your schedule.

Read more about this and other pre-conference sessions at

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