PModem and Folder Listings

PowerShell MVP Oisin Grehan posted a very promising PowerShell module the other day. He calls it the PModem File Transfer Protocol. It is based on the old bulletin board file transfer protocols of the late 20th century, which I have to admit I fondly remember using. Of course Oisin’s work intrigued me and after playing with it for a while I realized I needed something else.

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WinRM: Domain or Workgroup?

I’m curious about something and would like to hear from you. PowerShell v2 remoting uses WinRM which in a domain environment is very secure and easy to use. You can even use a GPO to configure your domain members. However you can also use WinRM in a workgroup environment but you have few hoops to jump through. My question is how many of you need remoting in a non-domain environment? What sort of scenarios do you have to support? I hope you’ll let me know.