A Timely PowerShell Prompt

During the course of writing a few scripts that refresh a specific part of the console, such as the recent Read-Host alternative, I realized that flashing colors wasn't always necessary. The fact that I could update the same space on the screen meant I could write the same content with minor … Continue reading

Friday Fun Send a Colorful Message

Next week is Pluralsight's 10th anniversary. In preparing for that happy event, I wanted to send a special greeting. Of course, because my courses are on PowerShell it only seemed appropriate to use PowerShell to display my message. In fact, let's jump right to the result. Here's how I did … Continue reading

Another PowerShell Valentine

I've been sharing some Valentine's Day themed fun on Twitter today. This one is a bit too long to fit into a tweet. [crayon-58e22544470b6689313967/] To get the full effect you need to run in the console and not the ISE. It works in the ISE but you won't get the "special" … Continue reading

Updated Console Graphing in PowerShell

The other day Distinguished Engineer and PowerShell Godfather Jeffrey Snover posted a blog article about the evils of Write-Host. His take, which many agree with, is that Write-Host is a special case cmdlet. In his article he mentions console graphing as an example. I wrote such a script earlier … Continue reading

PowerShell Console Graphing Revised

Many of you have been having fun with my PowerShell Console Graphing tool I posted the other day. But I felt the need to make one more major tweak. I wanted to have the option for conditional formatting. That is, display graphed entries with high values in one color, medium in another and low in … Continue reading