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A new whitepaper I wrote for Quest Software has finally made it’s public appearance: PowerShell in the Enterprise: Best Practices and Recommendations. The paper discusses some best practices for using PowerShell in an enterprise environment. Essentially, getting the most from your PowerShell “investment”, especially when you might have multiple PowerShell-based administrators. Although certainly the suggestions apply to small shops as well.

The other purpose behind the paper was to provide information to non-admin or non-PowerShell folk to help them understand PowerShell’s role and ease some common adoption “pains.”

You can download the whitepaper for free (although you will need to register) here.

I hope you’ll let me know what you think.

7 thoughts on “PowerShell in the Enterprise

  1. In a short space you said a lot.

    I will keep the link and refer interested parties to the paper as it does a fairly good job of describing PowerShell and provides a beginning direction for large scale deployments.

    I still like to think of PowerShell as primarily a replacement for command.com.

  2. JV – Microsoft won’t want to hear that you think PowerShell is a command.com replacement.

    If writing PowerShell scripts isn’t your style, you might want to check out PowerWF – It’s basically Visual PowerShell.

    • I don’t see why they would complain. I hope I’m not saying PowerShell is simply a console substitution. It’s an entirely new management paradigm.

  3. Hi Jeff
    Loved the paper and blogged as much as well. I teach on this topic a lot (It’s a biggie in the Exchange world as you can imagine) and you’ve done a suberb job in highlighting a number of issues, especially the requirement for standards.

    What I’d like to see in the whitepaper for future topics perhaps:
    Choosing which snapins and modules to make avaiable for your scripting verse accross the enterprise.
    How to determine, document and enforce what your production powershell standards should be.
    Suggested workflows moving scripts from DEV to Stage to Live?
    How to choose a powershell editor standard and how to evaluate these?

    a lot on standards suggested here and it’s mostly since the companies I consult to have to work these things out from scratch every time without having a nice external guide. Your whitepaper is a great start to this, so very well done.

    Feel free to ping me offline if I can help or comment on anything!

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