Friday Fun: Improved PowerShell Napping

So I had some fun with my post last week on taking a nap with PowerShell. I got some great feedback on Twitter and a new comments on the blog. My initial effort was a relatively simple PowerShell script which certainly got the job done. But I there were a number of areas where I could expand and … Continue reading

Friday Fun: A PowerShell Nap

I'm hoping that I'm not the only one who feels their butt dragging by mid to late afternoon. Let's say that's because we've been thundering through the day and by 3:00 we're a bit out of gas. Yeah, I'll go with that. I find myself wanting to close my eyes for only a few minutes to recharge and … Continue reading

Friday Fun: Number Crunching

Earlier this week I was looking at the GoFundMe website in the midst of debating a new project. One of the considerations I have for sites like this is the expense involved. Certainly I don't expect this type of service to be free. But I started wondering about what net donations might look like. … Continue reading

Friday Fun Learning from Spam

Today's article is definitely on the amusing side, although hopefully it will make for an interesting learning opportunity. Earlier this week I was clearing out spam on my blog and found a comment that looked like the spammer's template file. The comment contained a number of short entries like … Continue reading