Prompting for the Holidays

This should wait for a Friday Fun post but since it is December 1st I decided not to wait. It is that time of year again and my PowerShell prompt is colorful and sparkly. My holiday themed PowerShell prompt (Image Credit: Jeff Hicks) In my profile I have this code to use a new Prompt … Continue reading

Friday Fun: Another Christmas Prompt

In last week's Friday Fun post, I shared with you a PowerShell prompt that would display a festive Christmas countdown clock. This week I have another holiday related prompt function. This one is pretty straight forward and is not that much different from the default PowerShell prompt function. … Continue reading

Friday Fun Christmas Countdown Prompt

It's that time of year again where PowerShell can make all your wishes come true. Ok, maybe that's a bit much, but PowerShell is the gift that keeps giving all year long. Again, maybe too much. How about this? Here's a revised version of my Christmas countdown prompt. I've posted this in the past. … Continue reading

A Timely PowerShell Prompt

During the course of writing a few scripts that refresh a specific part of the console, such as the recent Read-Host alternative, I realized that flashing colors wasn't always necessary. The fact that I could update the same space on the screen meant I could write the same content with minor … Continue reading

Pimp your Prompt

If you are like me and live in PowerShell, then you spend a great deal of your day looking at your PowerShell prompt. That little indicator in the console and ISE that usually shows where you are. That little part of your PowerShell world is defined by a built-in function called Prompt. You can … Continue reading