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If you’re like me, you prefer not to re-invent the wheel when working on a scripting solution. You’d prefer to find a script written by someone else that accomplishes the same task(s). You might be tempted to jump immediately to Google or Yahoo. Before you do, let me give you some other online resources you might want to check first.

I encourage you to visit when searching for administrative scripts. This site is hand-tuned to crawl sites known to have script collections and other scripting related material. You are very likely to find practical script examples via this site with little effort.

Of course, any search for scripts should begin at the Technet Script Center . You’ll find a wealth of information on all sorts of scripting topics including a substantial script repository. I also encourage you to check out their scripting “hubs” () which organize scripting resources by topics such as Active Directory, Desktops, HTAs, PowerShell, Security and Windows 2003.

Certainly I encourage you to visit the Script Vault where you fill find many user submitted scripts organized by topic as well as my own script library.

If none of those resources are sufficient here are additional online script libraries, collections and repositories:

If you have a favorite online script library, I hope you’ll share.

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