Friday Fun: A Long Time Ago in a PowerShell Universe Far, Far Away

With the upcoming release of the next Star Wars movie, I thought I would revisit my PowerShell script that generates your Star Wars universe name. Sure, it is contrived and completely impractical, but I’m betting you are curious nonetheless. My previous version as a simple script with hard coded values which meant you had to modify the file. Hardly droid-friendly. I’ve corrected that and made a few other minor tweaks.

You can find the script as a gist on GitHub.

Save a copy of the script locally, you can call it whatever you want. The script needs your first name (or any first name), the first names of your parents, and the state, or city, you were born in. This version of the script has parameterized these requirements and has parameter validation. Here is the kind of fun you can have.


Enjoy and may the –Force be with you.

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