New PowerShell Projects Published

Last week I published a few of the recent PowerShell modules I’ve been working on to the PowerShell Gallery. These projects had been in a beta phase while I worked out some last minute features. I was also waiting to see if there were any issues reported by you that I might need to address. Nothing came up so I think we’re good to go. Here’s the new projects you can install from the PowerShell Gallery.


This module contains a number of tools that make it easier to create and import type extensions. I first wrote about this project here.  With this command you can easily add an alias, scriptproperty, or scriptmethod, to an object type.

Now I can easily run a PowerShell command like this:


The big change to the module is that you can now export your custom type extensions to a ps1xml file. This way if your module needs some type extensions you can define them with the functions and then export to a ps1xml file. No need to for manual editing of XML.

Source code for the project is on GitHub at and you can install the latest version with Install-Module.


The other PowerShell project that is now officially available is my PSScriptTools module.  This is a collection of commands designed to add functionality to your interactive PowerShell work and scripting. The module now includes some code from older scripts I had shared as gists on GitHub. Some of these are a PowerShell replacement for the More command called Out-More. A command to get details about the current PowerShell engine.


A command to parse out common locations which can come in handy when creating cross-platform scripts.


I also have incorporated my WPF input box function which now allows you to set a background color.


This too is now on the PowerShell Gallery.


Source code is on GitHub.


I hope you find these useful in your work and would love to know how they work out for you. If you encounter problems or have suggestions, please use the Issues section of the project’s GitHub repository.

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